About Classic Bronze Tiles

Classic Bronze Tiles offers you the opportunity to own and showcase examples of timeless and often ancient designs that have been meticulously gathered from around the world. Some of the designs offered were found in mediums such as fragments of wood and paper and will surely be lost to time. Using bronze as a medium assures the preservation of these classic designs.


Bronze is a significant resource for cultures world-wide dating back to initial uses as early as the 4th millennium B.C. The foundry process is complex involving highly skilled artisans hand casting with a similar technique used for thousands of years. Liquid metal is carefully poured into a flashing form which has been created exclusively for each tile. Our foundry has been in business 85 years. Each cast piece is cleaned, ground and finished with patina or seal as to the customers’ request.


As you browse through the many designs you will find descriptions that pay homage to the artist (if known) and origin of the design. Classic Bronze Tiles is dedicated to the preservation of these ancient designs by hand casting them in solid bronze which is durable, desirable and decorative. We also showcase stunning original designs.


Classic Bronze Tiles are the perfect way to accent any décor be it kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, floors, doors, and indoor or outdoor living space that is intended to transcend the mundane…the options are limitless. Welcome and we look forward to hearing from you!


We are pleased to say that our entire collection is exclusively made in the USA.


Vision Statement


Ms. Bell, sculptor and owner of Classic Bronze Tiles saw a niche to provide timeless multi-cultural designs, as well as her own creations, in durable bronze art products.


She creates tiles to be used as architectural accents to celebrate the lasting designs of unknown artists whose designs have somehow managed to survive throughout the ages. It is Ms Bell's belief that by including thoughtful design in our environment we shift our perspective to a place of balance.